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Tonsler, Horace E., Sr.

Name: Tonsler, Horace E., Sr.
Occupation: Head Waiter, Hotel
Sex: M
Birth: 31 Mar 1866*
Death: 17 Jul 1938
Marker: Yes
Spouse(s): Martha Allen Tonsler, Pocahontas Wood Tonsler
Parents: Edward and Martha Davis
Children: Pocahontas Wood Tonsler Jackson, Horace E. Tonsler, Jr., Lloyd B. Tonsler, Geneva J. Tonsler Buckner, Carroll V, Tonsler, Julius Caesar
Notes: Undertaker – J F Bell

*Official records are cited when information differs on gravestones.

(Norfolk, Virginia)
July 30, 1938
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Mr. Horace Tonsler was the Headwaiter at the Warm Springs Hotel for several years. His wife, Pocahontas Wood Tonsler, was the Ladies’ Bath Attendant. Daughter, Pocahontas, was the Ladies’ Bath Attendant in the 1940s. Son, Horace, Jr., was the Gentleman’s Bath Attendant from 1919 until his death in 1953. His wife, Estelle, was the Ladies’ Bath Attendant for 30 years.

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