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Goins, Robert

Name: Goins, Robert
Occupation: Carpenter
Sex: M
Birth: Jan 1815
Death: 14 Feb 1897
Marker: No
Spouse(s): Martha “Patsy” Coles
Children: Rebecca Goins, Lucy Goins Johnston, Catherine Goins Farrar Jones, Robert James Goins, Mary Coles Goins, Cornelia Goins Bryant Procter, Sarah E. Goins, Angelina Goins, A. Vallet Goins
Affiliations: Trustee, Daughters of Zion Society; Trustee, Good Samaritans and Daughters of Samaria; Charter Member, Delevan Baptist Church
Notes: Undertaker – Mabrey and Perkins

“Charlottesville Letter, Feb. 15”
(Richmond, Virginia)
Saturday February 27, 1897
Page 2

(Charlottesville, Virginia)
Monday February 15, 1897
Page 1

Robert Goins served as one of the first trustees for the Daughters of Zion Society and his wife Patsy Goins was listed as President of the Daughters of Zion Society in the 1888 Charlottesville City Directory. Robert and Patsy Goins were also founders and charter members of the Delevan First Baptist Church.

In 1845 Robert Goins, a carpenter, purchased 3 acres and built a cottage which became the nucleus of the house which still stands on Lankford Avenue in Charlottesville, Virginia. A wealth of historical information about the 114 Lankford Avenue property of Robert and Patsy Goins, and about their family, can be found in the Charlottesville Historic Surveys.

Excerpt from:
1907 Chancery Case
Chancery Records Index
Library of Virginia

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