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Dean, Joseph H.

Name: Dean, Joseph H.
Sex: M
Birth: 1866
Death: 1880
Marker: Yes
Parents: Peyton and Bettie Dean
Notes: Inscription on marker: “Gone Home.”

Joseph Dean, ‘school boy,’ died of pneumonia in January 1880. Attending physician, Dr. Chancellor.

Joseph Dean’s father Peyton Dean was the son of Frances Hemmings of Buckingham County, Virginia. Frances was the daughter of Betsy Hemmings of Monticello.

Joseph Dean’s family left Charlottesville and moved to Columbus, Ohio. His father and brother are buried at Union Cemetery there. On the Find a Grave page of his brother David is a note: “Peyton Deane is related to the Hemmings/Woodson family line. His mother was Frances Hemmings.”

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