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Cary, Jesse H.

Name: Cary, Jesse H.
Occupation: Carpenter
Sex: M
Birth: 27 Jul 1827
Death: 27 Feb 1897
Marker: Yes
Spouse(s): Nancy Baker Gatewood Cary
Children: Lucinda, Hudson, Carter, Jane Cary Barcus, Polly C. Parr, Nannie C. Newman, Mary C. Gordon, Joseph, Charles, Clara, Clarence
Affiliations: Trustee, Daughters of Zion Society

Jesse Cary, a well-known carpenter and one of Charlottesville’s most worthy colored citizens, died suddenly Saturday afternoon about six o’clock at his home on South Fourth Street. His funeral took place from Ebenezer church at [2:30] this afternoon and was largely attended.

(Charlottesville, Virginia)
Monday March 1, 1897
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A 1907 Chancery case reveals that on January 1, 1883, Messrs. Jesse Cary, Robert Goins and Charles James, Trustees for the Daughters of Zion Society, conveyed a one-half interest in their property known as Zion Hall to Messrs. Charles James, Robert Goins and Robert Maury, Trustees for the Good Samaritans and Daughters of Samaria, and Messrs. James Ferguson, Lewis Dyer and John L. Hayes, Trustees for the Victoria Tabernacle.

Excerpt from:
1907 Chancery Case
Chancery Records Index
Library of Virginia

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