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Burley, Angelina Evans

Name: Burley, Angelina Evans
Occupation: Washerwoman/Cook
Sex: F
Birth: Abt. 1837
Death: 24 Nov 1924
Marker: No
Spouse(s): Charles Burley, Jr.
Parents: Perkins and Mariah Wood Evans
Children: Ann Maria Maupin, Josephine Cobbs, Charles III, Robert, Price, Calvin, Mildred B. Alexander
Notes: Enslaved by James B. Rogers, Albemarle Co., VA

Angelina, daughter of Mariah Wood, was enslaved by the James B. Rogers family of Albemarle County. She was married while still enslaved to Charles Preston Burley, brother of Hardin and George, who all belonged to different owners. Angelina had two children before emancipation and she and her children appear on an inventory of slave property made in 1863. She was 26 and her year old daughter, Ann Maria, was appraised with her at $3000. Her little Josephine, 4 in 1863, was valued at $450.

By the 1880 census, Angelina and her family moved to Charlottesville. Her husband worked as a cook and Angelina labored as a washerwoman. Ann Maria, now 18, worked as a chambermaid. In 1871, Angelina and Charles most likely named their newborn son Price, after her sister-in-law, Lucy Price, wife of George Burley. Lucy and George’s son was the educator, Jackson Price Burley.

Angelina had 9 children and by 1920, the three who survived lived with her in Charlottesville. She died in 1924 and is buried in Society Cemetery as are her husband and children. Although the last surviving member of this family, Josephine Burley Cobbs, died in 1944 at the District Home, formerly the Poor House, in Waynesboro, she, too, was buried in Daughters of Zion Cemetery.

Contributed by Alice Cannon, Bleak House

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