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Bullock, Mary A.

Name: Bullock, Mary A.
Sex: F
Birth: 1838
Death: 7 Feb 1889, Charlottesville, VA
Marker: Yes
Spouse(s): Burkley Bullock
Parents: Mildred Washington
Children: James Bullock, Susan B. Manning, Ella B. Whiting Fleming, Fannie B. Sammons, Louisa B. Warfield, Alice Price B. Bowles Barbour, Alexander Bullock, Berkley Bullock, Albert Bullock, Isabella Bullock, Mary B. Henderson, Charles H. Bullock, Jennie S. Bullock

The markers for Mary A. Bullock
(first wife of Burkley Bullock)
and daughter, Isabella Bullock,
were reset in January 2017.

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