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Buckner, Anthony T.

Name: Buckner, Anthony T.
Occupation: Merchant – Grocer
Sex: M
Birth: Abt. 1843
Death: 24 Dec 1923
Marker: Yes
Spouse(s): Louisa Buckner, Mary Churchman Buckner
Parents: Robert and Sylvia Buckner
Children: Annie, Hattie M., Susan, John T., George W.

Anthony T. Buckner came to Charlottesville with the Fife family and served as a body servant to Robert Herndon Fife during the Civil War. As a freedman, Buckner worked for approximately five years at the University of Virginia before opening his own grocery store that he operated for about 38 years on West Main Street. Shown in the 1918 Holsinger photograph below with his granddaughter Eileen Buckner, daughter of Anthony’s son George Buckner and Geneva Tonsler Buckner.

“A.J. Buckner”
Holsinger Studio Collection
Image courtesy of Special Collections Library, University of Virginia

(Charlottesville, Virginia)
Thursday December 27, 1923
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from City Directory 1919
Charlottesville, Virginia
Published by Hill Directory Co., Inc.

Anthony T. Buckner’s Grocery Store
at 904 West Main Street
from 1920 Sanborn Map of Charlottesville, Virginia

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